Final Program of the EULF Workshop in Budapest

Preliminary draft program as of 6/11/2013

European Union Location Framework Workshop
Integration of Location in e-Government
The challenges and some Best Practices from Europe
11 December 2013

Objective of the workshop
The European Union Location Framework (EULF) aims to improve the integration of location information in e-Government. There are many challenges, but much has been done already.

The workshop aims at understanding the issues the e-Government practitioners face in integrating location into real-world applications and learning from approaches that have worked in some countries in Europe.

The workshop will introduce the EULF, which is part if the European Union ISA programme. e-Government practitioners will be invited to explain their experience, the issues they face and how these issues might be addressed. Breakout sessions will allow in depth discussion on particular topics.

Target public
e-Government practitioners and people from the Geographic Information-sector.

The workshop is hosted by HUNAGI on 11 December 2013 in Budapest
Ministry of Rural Development, Room Darányi I
Budapest V. Kossuth tér 11 (just in front of the Parliament building)

The workshop is co-organized by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre (and the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven, Belgium), with support from EUROGI (European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information)
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