2013. december 11., szerda

Sikeresen lezajlott az EULF Műhely Budapesten

Plenary session devoted to Best practices from Flanders (Belgium) and Czech Republic.

Presentations are available below for downloading (total 77 MB)
Welcome and opening of the workshop

EULF: Objectives of the day: understanding the issues the e-Government practitioners face in integrating location into real-world applications and learning from approaches that have worked in some countries
Gabor Remetey (on behalf Zsolt Barkóczi,  President of HUNAGI)

Danny Vandenbroucke (SADL/KU Leuven)
Keynote presentation from the Hungarian e-Government sector
Dr.Balázs Rátai Director-general, Dept. e-Public Administration, Ministry of Public Administration and Justice
The ISA programme: centerpiece for reaching interoperability in the public sector
Athanasios Karalopoulos
European Commission DG DIGIT/ISA
European Union Location Framework: bringing together location and e-Government – what are the challenges and current practices?
Francesco Pignatelli (EC JRC)

Some Best Practice stories:

Geert Mareels (CORVE) and Dirk Frigne (geoSparc)

Eva Pauknerova (Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre)
Breakout groups / tables to discuss:
1.     Policy and Strategy Alignment: Consistent EU and Member States policy and legislative approach
2.     e-Government Integration: Location becomes a key enabler in e-Government systems
3.     Committed Partnerships: Fostering a highly collaborative community to share and adopt best practices
What are the lessons learn from the examples presented? What are the challenges for the different sectors to better integrate location in their work processes?
Chair and rapporteurs (TBC)

The INSPIRATION project: cooperation in the Balkan to make location work in the context of e-Government
Ansorge Christian (Umweltbundesamt, Austria)
Panel Discussion – How might we collectively work together on the issues identified in the morning, what can we learn from the Best Practice examples?
Francesco Pignatelli (EC JRC), Representative ISA programme (TBC), Geert Mareels (CORVE), João da Fonseca Rodrigues Frade (Deloitte), Dirk Frigne (geoSparc), Prof. Mauro Salvemini (CISIS-CPSG Italy), Athanasios Karalopoulos DG DIGIT/ ISA
Chair: Bruce McCormack (President EUROGI)

Summary and Wrap-up
Initial response to the issues and ideas generated by the workshop and how the EULF will be adapted to accommodate this need.
Ray Boguslawski (EC JRC) and Danny Vandenbroucke (SADL/KU Leuven)

Group photo on participants taken by G. Remetey, HUNAGI, 2013

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